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When we heal ourselves we heal the world.


When we heal ourselves we heal the world.

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Opening the 3rd Eye and Increasing Intuition Workshop this Sunday (11/6)

Sunday, November 6

In this workshop we will focus on expanding the third eye, the seat of our intuition.  Through meditation, mantra, breathing techniques, energy exercises and group discussion we will connect with our soul’s purpose. Get answers to questions in your life and find clarity and peace of mind. Sean and Melissa lead one hour each of this workshop.  

Last Reiki Class in Philadelphia 


Class special $185 for weekend class - including certificate.  Enroll with a friend or loved one and receive $50 off the second enrollment or $25 each.

To Register for upcoming Reiki 1 Class being held weekend of November 12th & 13th click here.


Our bodies have the natural ability to heal itself.  However, in today’s society with all its distractions, we rarely give our bodies the time and attention it needs for rejuvenation and healing.  My goal is to help create a safe and comfortable space for my clients and to support their healing through the application of Reiki and/or IET.  Part of this mission is to spread the loving energy by teaching this beautiful and powerful healing practice.  Training includes the attunements, history of Reiki, ethics, hand positions for treating self and others.  Certificate will be awarded for the full training.  Another aspect of my mission to spread love and healing is through workshops on topics that include Meditation, Animal Reiki, Healing with Affirmations, Energy for Self-Healing (condensed class with no certification) and any other topic that my clients and students are interested in. 

One major component of my mission statement is affordability!  Healing should be available for all, regardless of income status.  I host regular energy shares each month and also give sessions in a community setting at Hawthorne Yoga (Community Energy Healing).  I will occasionally barter.  In addition to my practice and teaching, I volunteered at the Hospital of The University of Pennsylvania and donated sessions to various community events and fund-raisers.

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